I recently found myself re-writing similar emails constantly: welcome emails, follow up, introductions, RSVP etc. Sometimes I would spend the time looking for an email I had written in the past and then would use that as my base, but I realized I was spending too much time erasing the information that didn't relate to my current email. 

My new solution is to put these template emails into the signatures of my email accounts and so far it has saved me a lot of time. 


1. In Mac MAIL , go to the top menu bar and select "preferences" under the "mail" menu option. 

2. Once there you will get to your mail preferences.  Select "Signatures" , the second to last option on the "Accounts" pop up window, shown below.

3. In the "Signatures" section, you will have the choice of adding new signatures by pressing the "+" sign at the bottom.

4. add your templates here. Include your default signature at the bottom of all of the templates.

5. Once you have completed your signatures, you can start using them by starting a new email and then selecting the appropriate signature/template from the drop down on the bottom right side of the grey email window, shown below.

Curious to know what kinds of email templates you will use this for. Comment with ideas for this.